Positive Sum World for All

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"Positive Sum World for All"


"The most exciting breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology, but because of an expanded concept of what it means to be human."

John Naisbitt


EOS NodeOne prioritizes the interests of EOS holders and the ecosystem

We listen

In under 7 weeks more than 4,000 people have joined our Telegram group, while more than 5,800 people have chosen to subscribe to the NodeOne news channel. All organic! It is the result of how we consistently listened to the community and earned the reputation of being a trustworthy block producer.

We align interests of all players

As a dApp incubator, NodeOne incentivizes long-term EOS token holders by providing them with it’s dApp token airdrop. In this way, token holders are motivated to help dApps which increases the overall health of the ecosystem in the long run.

Create long term gain for all

EOS NodeOne strives for long-term gain for all community participants, rather than short-term gain for a selected few based on speculation.


Outstanding team with diverse background and shared mission

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Hahn Ryu

Pengby Ngor

Kakada Chheang
Head of Infra

Pumeoung Chang

Handong Ryu
Head of Operation




In trust we collaborate

Early stage startup incubator with $500m fund from Korea’s top 20+ banks.

A top-tier blockchain accelerator and blockchain business ecosystem developer

Crowdsource-based translation platform

World-first EOS based Decentralized Exchange